BeBEST is a Franco-Québecois laboratory focused on the study of marine ecosystems, combining a network of public (UQAR, CNRS, UBO) and private (SOMME, TBM environment) partners. The group is working to develop new descriptors of coastal environments, mixing skills from engineering, ecology and mathematical modelling.

TBM environnement

The consulting company «TBM environnement» (Auray, 56) is specialized in regulatory studies and environmental consulting, management of terrestrial, coastal and marine environments as well as wildlife and floristic cartographic inventories. Both managed by Sylvain Chauvaud, SOMME and TBM collaborate daily and successfully for the realization of impact studies. This collaboration includes the realization of in situ measurements as well as the pooling of material resources (measurement instruments), logistics (local) and human resources (divers, operational teams).


RTSYS (Caudan, 56) is a company specialized in the development of underwater acoustic systems. A high level of expertise combined with constant investments in R&D, allows RTSYS to propose unique technological innovations in the field of underwater acoustics including the sector of Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM). Our collaboration allows us to have innovative and efficient acoustic measuring instruments.